Words of Wisdom

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Note: This is the last run of these cards so make sure to grab yours before they're all gone!


❤︎ Here is a little deck of inspiration and happiness for you ❤︎

Each little card gives you a focus word for the day/week/month or even year. I made these to give people a boost of happiness, direction, and clarity when they pull a card. And I made them small - cause you know - small things are cute right?!

They've been made with love and infused with fun and passion. They've been created to awaken your inner spark, uplift your mood, nourish your thoughts and boost your confidence

What is this little gem? It's a lovely deck
✽ The Words of Wisdom Deck features one inspirational word per card
✽ These inspiration cards can be a tool to give you instant clarification whenever needed and allows you to focus on what is most needing your attention at the moment
✽ They are a great little present for anyone who needs a bit of a mood boost 

To use
✽ Simply shuffle and pull out as many cards from the deck as you feel is needed. You can use the deck intuitively as well and ask what needs your attention at present. They are there to be used creatively, for daily inspiration, vision boards, or even random acts of kindness by popping them in with handwritten notes or packages 

✽ 50 inspirational mini word cards
✽ Card Size: 2.5” x 1.75” (63.5mm x 44.45mm)

Please contact me for bulk orders as I can offer discounts on both the cards and shipping

*this listing is for cards ONLY, no other accessories in pictures included

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