Journaling with Essential Oils

$59.50 AUD


Love essential oils? Love journaling? Ever thought of combining the two? It's a magical merger ♡ I created this deck to integrate essential oils into your journaling practice on a whole new level 

About the deck
❊ Each card has a wee intro, a few journaling prompts, and then a brief on the essential oil in question
❊ This pack is jammed FULL of amazingness and created to help you connect with yourself, nature, and the universe easier... all via journaling
❊ The deck can be used as an opportunity to connect with essential oils on a deeper level (and use them to facilitate your journaling practice!)

❊ Each card features a single essential oil
❊ There is a little introduction at the top, followed by multiple journaling prompts associated with that specific essential oil
❊ And lastly a little information about the emotional support of the essential oil itself

How to use the deck
You are free to use the deck as you please. Simply think of what you want support with or would like to journal on, shuffle the deck, and draw out your card(s)

❊ 49 different single essential oil cards featuring one oil per card
❊ Deck comes with a beautiful handmade linen drawstring bag for storage
❊ Card Size: 2.75" x 4.75" (70mm x 121mm)

Please contact me for bulk orders as I can offer discounts on both the cards and shipping

** this listing is for cards ONLY, no other accessories in pictures included

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