Wondering why you got some random puzzle pieces in your order?!


Don't worry, I haven't lost my marbles! 


Perhaps you've just clicked on here to have a nosy and wondering what it's all about...


...It's almost Christmas so I've decided to run a fun competition for you to win something before the silly season hits


How it works

  • STARTS 12th Nov 2018 (AEDT)
  • The above puzzle has been broken it up into its 26 individual pieces
  • Random puzzle pieces will be included with each purchase you make
  • There will be ONE puzzle piece included for EACH pack of cards you buy (the card packs are included e.g. you will get four pieces with the Mega Pack). The more you buy, the more chance you have of winning!
  • The winning puzzle piece is the one highlighted in the pic below. It's one of the middle pieces with the letter "K" from Neliza K. printed on it
  • If you receive this puzzle piece in your order then you have won! 
  • In order to claim your prize please get in touch with a pic of your winning piece and the cards will be sent out to you
  • Please see T&C down the bottom for more info


The Winning Puzzle Piece 


What you win


1x pack of my Essential Oils and Emotional Wellbeing Insight Cards



  • The competition runs from the 12th November 2018 until all puzzle pieces have been shipped with orders. Keep an eye on social media for updates (Instagram | Facebook)
  • Only the above-mentioned puzzle piece (i.e. the one outlined in red) will be taken as the "winning piece"
  • It does not matter which other puzzle pieces this winning piece is with
  • The puzzle piece can be by itself (if you've only bought one pack of cards) or be with other pieces
  • The drawn winner is FINAL
  • Winners will be announced on Instagram and via email, once the competition is over
  • The competition will run until all puzzle pieces have been dispersed with orders
  • Each deck counts towards ONE puzzle piece. This means that if you buy an essential or mega pack, then you get MULTIPLE puzzle pieces included in your order
  • Check social media for Puzzle Competition updates
  • Competition is open to Overseas and Aus residents
  • You can enter as many times as you want by either ordering multiple card packs in one order or popping through multiple orders.
  • Neliza K will not be liable for any items lost in transit
  • The winner will receive ONE deck of my Essential Oils and Emotional Wellbeing Insight Cards 
  • Prize cannot be exchanged for anything else