Instructions for signing up for a Wholesale Account

Signing Up 

Ok, so you're ready to rock 'n roll but which options do you choose?! Read below to help you get started, and as always, get in touch should you get stuck. 


Click HERE to pop over to the enrolment website and follow below instructions

ō - Click "Join & Save" 
ō - Select your language and your country
ō - If it prompts you, select the "OTG" option (this just means your country has an "on the ground" warehouse, rather than you needing to go through the US one)
ō - Enter your details and please make sure my member number (3505499) is in the Sponsor and Enroller boxes - this will ensure you are on my team.


Pick one of the following kits (or both if you're a keen bean!)

1. Home Essentials Kit + add a Fractionated Coconut Oil (best all arounder starter kit, great beginning place + get a diffuser as well)
2. Mood Management Kit + add a Fractionated Coconut Oil, a Petal Diffuser, and a membership (this kit is amazing for helping with stress, moods, and grounding)

Enrolment Bonuses
ō - FREE Lemongrass Essential Oil with enrolment and/or other welcome and getting started gifts
ō - 1 hour Wellness Consult with me
ō - 24/7 access to team membership site (coming soon!)
ō - Personal training when required
ō - 25% off retail prices for a year
ō - Option to get your oils for free!
ō - I'll help you lōve and use your oils safely and efficiently
ō - Optional: if you want to grow a business, I can send you more info


Once you've enrolled you'll get a prompt to set up your LRP order. This is our beautiful Loyalty Rewards Program. You get massive rewards growing your oil collection as well as take part is special rewards each month. It's not about spending more money. It's about investing so that we have more options while spending less money. You want more info, don't you? Fabulous! Click HERE