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Here is a list of all the people and/or companies I adore and buy from myself.

As such, would love to pass their info on to you. I firmly believe that we still to this day (even with Google around) don't share enough info about our experiences with certain things and new amazing discoveries that make our lives better.

I'm not an affiliate for everything below, and as such, don't get a commission from them all, but regardless, I've tried and I trust these brands and love them so much that I want to share them with you. Please get in contact if you have any questions


Happy Skincare

Aaron and Phoebe are not only amazing at what they do (don't you love when people get what they do so right?!), they are hilarious too. I'm totally a sucker for funny people. That's not what lured me into using their products in the first place. It was a Facebook post in an entrepreneur group that mentioned their Woohoo deodorant paste. I was on the lookout for something more natural (thank you universe) and found these guys. I grabbed a sample and have never looked back. I can't quite remember how I linked through to their sister company called Happy Skincare but I'm so glad I did. Again, I popped a sample of their face regime products into my cart and still using their products today. 

Why I love them so

  • They have very generous sample sizes so you can give their products a decent go
  • They list everything that's in there as well as break the natural vs organic percentages up for you for a quick read on the front of each bottle
  • They offer a recycling incentive whereby you send in your clean, used plastic bottles to them for recycling and they reward you with a little summing-summing in return
  • They have given me the thumbs up to give you 10% your first offer using code NELIZAK10. Just make sure you go through THIS link to use that coupon loves



I don't even know where to start with the amazing range of products. Tahlee has created one of the most divine things I've ever heard/experienced in my life. If you're new to meditation then this is 100% your go-to. And if you're not, your socks will still get blown off. The music Tahlee creates is a combination of sounds and binaural beats (called meditones by Tahlee). If you're not familiar with binaural beats then they are a form of brainwave entrainment which helps your brain "entrain" to frequencies that have a calming, healing, energising, and enlightening effect. Not only is the music she creates beautiful, but it's healing as well. It's an amazing thing to listen to on its own, while walking or jogging, and enriches any meditation practice as well. HERE is a bit more info on it for you. I started off with her sample track and was instantly hooked. Want to see what she has to offer? Click HERE - Make sure to use wkmeditones for 10% off your first order.

That Red House

Have you ever tried soap berries?! No?! Omg. This was one of the first things I changed in my house hold cleaning regime when I started going tox-free. It was just the simplest thing to do. I'm one of those people who itches like a mad woman if you so much as bring fragrances laundry stuff near me so I jumped on board the soap berry train almost 5 years ago now and haven't looked back. They are insanely cost effective, insanely effective at cleaning, and best of all? They are environmentally friendly! I even chuck the used berries in my pot plants to keep the bugs away #winning. Pop a few drops of Pepperment Essential Oil on them before you chuck them in the wash and BOOM! You got a fragrance explosion that doesn't make you itch like crazy. But enough from me; it's best I let these guys sell you on it. Visit their website for more info.