Helloooooo and welcome!

I'm so excited you're here! I've just created this page to let you know a little more about me and to share the face behind the Neliza K. brand :) 

In short, I love love love creating. And I'm very fortunate to have found an amazing outlet for this passion. We get taught from a young age that "left-brained" people can't do "right-brained" things so as you can imagine, I got a little confused when my former love for art had to take a sideline to my new interest in science. It was only until about 2 years ago that I reignited my interest in just creating for creation's sake and it was then that I realised that in combination from all that I had recently learned from my life coaching course, I could incorporate this into products that were not only beautiful but useful too. 

I create because I'm free to do so, I produce those creations to allow others the joy of experiencing them and to get benefit from using them. I'm now a huge advocate for living naturally as well so over time you'll see more and more additions to this site about how to live a more tox-free life. 

I'm extremely interested in helping women live pain-free, enlightened lives as I myself has seen the benefit of this. As such, I hope you find use in the blog post, freebies, and enjoy the bits and pieces I have created.
Chalene x

Offical Bio

Chalene is a scientist, life coach, essential oil nut, and product creator who's focus is on helping women and female entrepreneurs connect back to the universe and themselves. Her products and services tap into confidence, strength, and personal power, and she wholeheartedly believes that every woman has the capacity to channel their true selves, the divine, and create abundance in their lives. Chalene create products to help you connect to the universe and your badass self. 

Following her childhood passion of working with animals, Chalene graduated with a Masters in Biology and has been working as a scientist ever since. The completion of her Life Coaching Certification with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy has allowed Chalene to now also incorporate her love of helping people into her life. She loves designing and creating and does both any chance she gets.

She now lives in Sydney by the beach after growing up in both South Africa and New Zealand