The Neliza K. Collective

I initially created these products for personal use I wanted something that wasn't your ordinary book, pamplet or video, and I wanted to learn about the oils in a way that was intuitive, easy, and most of all interesting. I knew as soon as I started using the products that they would benefit others. I created this company to help you rewrite your story, help you connect with nature, the universe and your bad-ass self 

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Connect to your higher self, to what your body is craving and your spirit needs


These were a gift for someone in a 12 Step Recovery Program. While taking inventory of all the defects, I wanted my Sponsee to recall her virtues - for a complete inventory. To remember the Goodness. A word for the day as focus is a tremendous help to those of us in Recovery. Great gift. BEAUTIFULLY styled. Elegant at the same time Spiritually useful

Christine | Words of Wisdom Deck


I absolutely love these cards they bring a need for journaling together with my love of oils

Bec | Journaling with Essential Oils


Arrived well before I thought it would - so I was over the moon - thank you.
I'm absolutely in love with this deck! So spot on for everyone I've drawn for. Thank you xo

Tahlea | The Essential Oils & Emotional Wellbeing Insight Cards


Lovely card deck. Thank you very much

Iris | The Essential Oils & Emotional Wellbeing Insight Cards


Perfect, a beautiful gift. Thank you!

Holly | Mantra Magic Deck